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Online Content for Australian Volunteers International

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) has been a leading not-for-profit economic and social development organisation for 65 years. It delivers several international aid programs including Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID), an Australian Government initiative. 


I had three freelance contract roles at AVI's Melbourne headquarters as a writer and editor in 2013, supporting the marketing and recruitment teams. 


I worked primarily on the position descriptions for their volunteer assignments in developing countries around the world, from Africa to the Pacific. These were long, complex Word Documents that had to adhere to both brand and Government guidelines, and have strict wording and formatting in place.


My duties included copy-editing, writing, formatting and publishing content on AVI's website and social media, as well as managing content in content management systems Umbraco and PIMS.


I also assisted with marketing research, creating databases of contacts and conducting marketing outreach to media outlets, universities and other organisations to help raise the profile of AVI and its volunteer roles.

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