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i-D – Original Destiny’s Child Member LaTavia Roberson On Finding Her Own Sound


I interviewed two-time Grammy winner LaTavia Roberson, founding member of the iconic R&B group Destiny's Child. 


Seventeen years ago Roberson was suddenly dismissed from the group and became the subject of relentless gossip. I wrote about how, with the upcoming release of her memoir and documentary series, she is reclaiming control of her narrative

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NYLON – How The Woman Who Got A Degree In One Direction Is Legitimizing Teen Fandom


I interviewed young New Zealander Millie Lovelock about how her Master's degree in One Direction is legitimizing teen fandom.

This article follows another I wrote for i-D in January 2016, when Millie was just beginning her studies.

By writing about the intelligence and creativity in fan fiction and recontextualizing it in an academic context, Millie is helping teenage music fans gain the respect and recognition they deserve.

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Clara Chon interview about Kim Kardashian Meta Selfie Jacket on Complex by Sarah Gooding
Complex – Meet Clara Chon: The NZ artist behind Kim Kardashian’s favourite ‘Meta Selfie Jacket’


I interviewed Clara Chon about making a selfie jacket for Kim Kardashian that garnered worldwide attention. We discussed what it's like to watch your work go viral, selfies, celebrity and Baudrillard. 

The story was posted on Complex US and picked up by international media including US Weekly!

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Feature on gender discrepancy in cafes female baristas struggle to change cafe culture on The Guardian by Sarah Gooding
The Guardian – Grounds for Complaint: Female Baristas Struggle to Change Cafe Culture


I'd been noticing a gender discrepancy in cafes throughout Melbourne. After doing research I found there is also a severe gender gap in the international barista competitions.


I realised that this was an issue worth discussing in a broader context, so I wrote this piece.


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Sexual assault at clubs is so bad one country’s government is stepping in a feature about government task force for sexual harassment at nightclubs on Broadly by Sarah Gooding
Broadly – Sexual Assault at Clubs Is So Bad, One Country's Government Is Stepping In


I wrote a feature for VICE's women's site Broadly (USA) about how the Victorian state government in Australia is establishing a task force to deal with sexual assault at licensed music venues.


I interviewed someone from the lobby group LISTEN, a Victorian State Government minister, an independent campaigner and a doctor who has a PhD in young adults' experiences of unwanted sexual attention in clubs.


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African and Middle Eastern rappers bringing fresh perspectives to New Zealand Hip Hop Feature on Noisey by Sarah Gooding
Noisey – These African and Middle Eastern rappers are bringing fresh perspectives to New Zealand Hip-Hop


Hip-hop in New Zealand is known for its Pacific roots. But as immigration has diversified, so has the country’s music. 


I interviewed the new wave of artists who have migrated from Africa and the Middle East and are making New Zealand's freshest hip hop.


I also made a playlist that accompanies the article! 


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New Zealand radio has a problem with women Thane Kirby Kara Rickard George FM 95bFM sexism sexist media culture by Sarah Gooding
VICE – New Zealand Radio Has a Problem With Women


In light of continuing sexism in New Zealand's mainstream radio stations, I wrote about what it says about New Zealand culture that not only does this behaviour go unpunished, but that the Prime Minister endorses the people that do it.


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Catalogue magazine Melbourne London fashion designer Alexandra Hackett makes clothes from security tags and ikea bags ALCH feature interview by Sarah Gooding
Catalogue – This is Why I’m So Disappointed in the New Twin Peaks


After the highly anticipated release of the revived '90s TV drama Twin Peaks, I wrote a critique about how the first four episodes are rife with issues of representation, violence toward women, and a lack of what we loved about the original.

The article was originally published on Tunnel Vision, but shortly afterward Catalogue Magazine asked if they could republish it.

Read the article.

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