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eDM and Microsite for Mercedes-Benz's End of Year Communication 2015

As the copywriter at eg+ Australia I wrote all of the copy for an end of year campaign for Mercedes-Benz in 2015. It consisted of an eDM and microsite, celebrating the successes the brand had in 2015.


Due to the short turnaround required, the project was very straightforward. The client provided the basic information to be showcased, and I wrote copy around this, researching as required. The microsite focused on Mercedes' brand AMG, the SUVs and other models it had launched and the Mercedes team's performance at the Formula One. 


I tailored the eDM copy to the two different customer bases in Australia and New Zealand by writing two versions. We produced and deployed the eDMs and microsite in a couple of weeks.


The campaign was very successful, and the Australian and New Zealand eDMs achieved open rates of 50% and 59% respectively. These are very favourable numbers compared to the Travel and Transport industry average of 20.51%. They also achieved click-through rates of 5% and 10%, well above the norm of 2.19%.


See selected screen shots from the site below.


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