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Creative, Associate Producer and Researcher for Small Business Live

Small Business Live was a live-stream fundraiser created by Superfly in collaboration with TikTok, Square, and numerous celebrities and businesses. 

It featured artists including Ms. Lauryn Hill, 2Chainz and Brittany Howard performing at small businesses across the US.

The one-day event attracted 9.7 million live-stream viewers and it raised $1 million in donations for the small businesses hit hardest by COVID-19, with a focus on those run by women and people of color. 

worked as a Creative, Associate Producer and Researcher in a full-time, freelance capacity.  

My duties included: 

  • Writing tag lines for the show

  • Researching and curating artists, songs, small businesses, celebrities and TikTok talent to be featured on the show

  • Reaching out to artist- and region-specific businesses to be featured on the show

  • Writing talent pitches

  • Conceptualizing video packages to air on the show 

  • Writing promotional video scripts for celebrity talent including DJ Jazzy Jeff and comedian Naomi Ekperigin to read on-air

  • Writing interview questions for hosts 

  • Writing on-air promotions for partner organizations

  • Writing promotional website copy for the event and partner organizations

  • Working with Executive Creative Directors, Creatives, Producers, Production Team and partner organizations

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