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Creative work for The FRIENDS Experience

The FRIENDS™ Experience is an immersive celebration of the iconic 90s TV show, created by Superfly, in collaboration with Warner Bros, HBO Max and others. It features set recreations, interactive moments, a retail store and a café. It has existed in various iterations and locations, including The FRIENDS™ Pop-Up in Boston and New York, and The FRIENDS™ Experience in Chicago and New York

I work on an ongoing freelance basis as a Copywriter and Creative alongside marketing directors, social media managers, designers and others at the agency Superfly.

My duties include:

  • Conceptualizing and executing creative marketing concepts, drawing on my knowledge of FRIENDS™ and pop culture

  • Writing signage copy for exhibits at the Experience 

  • Writing multi-choice trivia Q&As for interactive digital stations at the Experience

  • Conceptualizing and creating social media content, in collaboration with designers and brand marketing managers

  • Populating editorial calendars for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Writing email marketing copy for new and existing customers

  • Writing all copy for The FRIENDS™ Experience website, including for the home page, FAQ page and ticketing page

  • Writing e-commerce content for The FRIENDS™ Experience Store, including product descriptions, with a focus on funny, on-brand copy that's referential to the show and recognizable for fans 

  • Writing Google search copy 

  • Writing promotional scripts for TV and radio 

  • Writing sponsored editorial content for partner websites

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