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Copywriting and creative work for Van Gogh Vodka

As Copywriter at The Mixx I've been working on a rebrand of Van Gogh Vodka to help it align more with its  predominantly millennial female audience. 

My duties have included: 

  • Working closely with strategy directors, creative directors, designers and account managers

  • Researching the brand and the market to identify key brand opportunities, including artists to collaborate with on campaigns 

  • Creating, developing and executing a new brand voice across all digital platforms, including social media, email marketing, banner ads, and the Van Gogh Vodka website, as well as on-premise and off-premise activations, point of sale, and more

  • Writing a brand manifesto and establishing content pillars and key messaging that will inform key campaigns throughout the year

  • Writing product copy and branded content for partner websites

  • Writing flavor profiles for each vodka flavor expression, to be used in marketing and advertising

  • Creating cocktail names and refining recipe copy

  • Writing taglines and slogans for Van Gogh Vodka products and products in partnership with other brands, such as DO cookie dough

  • Helping to conceptualize, develop and execute campaigns and content for evergreen content and special promotions

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