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Brochure and website copy for NAB partner company, Wealth Management Partners Group

Wealth Management Partners Group (WMP) is a financial services company affiliated with NAB. eg+ was briefed to design and produce a four-page brochure that WMP could give to prospective clients as a way to introduce its key financial management service, Master Achievers Program (MAP).


As the copywriter, I was tasked with writing all of the copy for the brochure (at left). This required distilling the essence of the company and its service tool – as well as all of the intricacies of this – into short, sharp copy that could be easily understand by anyone, and encourage them to become a client of WMP Group.


The copy I wrote was so well received by the client that they barely changed it at all before taking it to print. 


After the success of this first job for the client, they then asked eg+ to redesign their website, and I was tasked with refreshing the key financial services copy (below). 

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